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Back to School Items for Less

Summer’s out and school is in. We are offering back to school items for less  that you can enjoy as you go to back to school.

From your school bag to your needed essentials, get ready and be trendy as you go to school. Here are some of the stylish school essentials from Karakter Manila that you can get at discounted prices.


Back to School Items for Less


1. Denim Backpack – P650 (P1,200)

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A stylish and durable backpack that comes with a compartment for your laptop. It also has multiple pockets for your other essential must-haves. It is available in blue, gray and green denim.


2. Inverted C- handle Umbrella – ₱850.00( ₱1000.00 )

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The inverted C-handle umbrella is a handy thing to bring this season. Having an inverted umbrella means you won’t be needing plastic bag for wet umbrella or be shy to bring it indoors because you are assured it won’t drip as it closes the other way around. Various designs are available.


3. Character Jacket – ₱2,450 ( ₱3,000)

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Made from 100% polyester and showcases 3D fitting cut-out with loose fit. It doesn’t just protect you from the cold, it also comes with various designs of some of your favorite superheroes. It’s comfy and enjoyable to wear. Who doesn’t want one?


4. Security Card Wallet –  P199

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This card wallet can help in securing your ID, ATM card and even your credit card. It is made from aluminum. It has a special feature of RFID blocker that protects you from unwanted credit card scanning.


5. LED Keychain – P175 ( P300)

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This character keychain don’t just give you a simple chaining your keys but a statement of don’t touch my keys. It also comes with a LED light that helps you opening the lock even at night.

Enjoy your school days with these statement things to bring. It is not only handy but also trendy. Here are just some of the things you can get at a lesser price.  You can visit this LINK to view more discounted back-to-school items.

Happy online shopping!