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Fun Games That Are Perfect for Groups

Hanging out with your friends on the weekend? Is everyone usually on their phone when you are all together? Place your gadgets down and start playing with these awesome interactive games with your friends. These items are usually available abroad but now we have it here in the Philippines for you and what’s best is that you can shop it online here!

Trending on the internet now and has been seen that is played by a lot of YouTubers, the Lie Detector Game. This game is interesting and a little frightening since it’s a shocking game. A great warm up for every party and to roast your friends with some juicy information about them.

lie detector game

How to play: Place your hand onto the hand plate and press reset then press analyze. The machine will monitor your vital statistics. If you tell the truth, you are safe from shocking but if you lie, you will be shocked by electric.

Now this game calls for a cool head and a steady hand. The Buzz Wire Drinking Game involves patience and some drinks of your choice. Can you stay steady and sober?

buzz wire game

How to play: Each player must guide the loop from the start to the end without touching the wire. If the player touches the wire, it will cause it to BUZZ! and so the player has to drink a shot. Players must take turns if the other player fails to bring the loop to the end of the wire.

Make you and your friends feel a bit excited and nervous with this game of SQUEAK! A fun game where you should watch out for the trap, so you have to watch out for the snap!

squeak game

How to play: Use the finger mouse puppets to push down the cheeses but you have to be careful on choosing what cheese to push or you might get caught in the trap.

Another trending game that is great for family and friends is the game, Speak Out. This has been played by many all across the world and will make you and your family and friends burst out in laughing with how funny this game is.

speak out game

How to play: The game includes 5 mouthpieces and 200 double sided cards. Player must wear the mouthpieces and has to say the words on the card, the other player has to guess what phrase the other player is saying.

Bad Dog is another game for a number of players, it doesn’t matter if there are two or more than 10 players, this game is perfect for you. This game is fun and simple. If you wake the dog up, you can get creative by making such consequences for you and your friends.

bad dog game

How to play:  Each player must draw a card on how many bones he/she will be taking from the bulldog. The players goal is to take the bones from the dog without waking him up.

These games are not just trendy but are also fun to play along with your family or friends. For more party games and essentials, click here as we have made it easier for you to purchase it by just shopping online or you can visit our physical stores near you.


Written by: Tricia Besana