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9 Hacks to Make Your Summer Even Better

beach photo

Summer is here! As you feel the heat on your skin and sweat pouring down, you might want to keep yourself cool. Maybe some of you are already planning to go to the beach or to some, just stay in-doors and keep cool. Here are some inexpensive and easy hacks that you can do to make your summer even better.


1. Quick Coolers

quick cooler

When you need a drink to cool down from the summer heat, it’s not a good idea to drink something warm or hot. Have a cold drink instead, to quench that thirst at the same time you refresh your feeling.

To have an instant cool drink, fill your water bottle with half water then freeze it in the freezer. When the water ices, you can add the drink that you fancy and shake it a bit to make it cold faster. Just make sure you don’t block the opening so you can fill it and drink it on-the-go!


2. Aloe Vera Soothing Cubes

soothing aloe vera

Have you experienced a sunburn after swimming and just wanted it to go away faster or at least sooth the pinching pain? Next time you hit the beach, mix some Aloe Vera with water and freeze it in an ice cube tray.

Treat your sunburns or even mild burns with this simple hack. Aloe Vera is known as a burn plant to soothe burns. You can use natural Aloe Vera or the Aloe Vera you see on stores today.


3. Powder for Sand

unwanted sand

Some of you might be going to the beach this summer. If you need a quick fix to get those unwanted sand on your body, use baby powder to get rid of it. You can also use cornstarch as an alternative! The powder absorbs excess moisture and releases the sand sticking on you. For beachgoers out there, this is one helpful hack for you.


4. Unnoticeable Secret Containers

covert container

Is there no one available to lookout for your things in the beach? Use an empty container like shampoo and lotion. Place your valuables inside. No one would want to steal a bottle of lotion or shampoo. Right? But to be safe, it is still better to keep an eye on your valuables everywhere you go.


5. Popsicle Drip Catcher

drip cup

Ice Cream Popsicles are an easy go-to solution for a hot weather, but it easily melts. Most of us, kids and the kids at heart, would like to enjoy having a nice cool popsicle on a hot and sunny weather. But the problem is, it gets messy with all the drips. Not anymore!

Use a paper cup or a cupcake liner. Poke a small hole that has almost the same size as your popsicle stick. Stick your popsicle in and VIOLA!  You just made yourself an instant drip catcher.


6. Cheap Waterproof Case

ziploc phone bag

Can’t afford those expensive waterproof cases for your phone? No need to worry! You can use a resealable plastic bag for that! Just place your phone inside the bag and seal the plastic bag up! They aren’t just good for sandwiches but are also great as a waterproof case.


7. Quick Chill

quick chill

This is one quick hack that has been done by so many and it must be effective so you gotta try this yourself! Wrap your bottle with a wet paper towel, place it in the freezer for 15 minutes and you just got yourself a cold summer fix!


8. Iced Coffee Hack

iced coffee cubes

If you are so in love with coffee and you can’t get enough of it even in a hot day, a really cool cold brew hack is for you. Freeze some coffee on your ice cube tray, so you can put it in your cold brew for it won’t water. Look at some of our fancy mugs by clicking here!


9. Hard Ice Cream

ice cream

Left your ice cream in the freezer for too long making them harder to scoop? Next time, it’s a nice idea to place it in a resealable bag before putting it inside the freezer. It makes your ice cream easier to scoop but still retains its texture at the same time.


Do you have some summer hacks to share with us? Comment below and we might feature you on our next blog! Still no idea what to bring to the beach? Click here to shop and you might just find the perfect thing you are looking for!