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12 Kitchen Products for People Who Love Being in the Kitchen

kitchen kitchenware

For kitchen lovers out there, house chefs and cooking enthusiasts, we got a list of useful kitchen products that you will definitely love. These are some practical products that will hype you up in the kitchen.

1. 12 Pieces Golden Princess Cookware Sethomu cookware set

In the rush in cooking in the morning before to school or work? With this cookware set, your food will warm quickly. With its material that has 3-layered bottom and heat cond9uction, this stainless

2. 3D CM-2022E Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the best early morning fix for most people. This coffee maker can make four cups of coffee and comes in the colors of black and silver. Perfect for your daily dose of “cup of joe” that is easy and quick.

3. 3D Bl-9631 Pro Shake Blender

Juicing has recently become a trend among health junkies. Now, you can make your own healthy smoothie at home with a shake blender that does not cost too much. With this blender, you can make not just smoothies for yourself, but you can make milkshakes for your family as well. Don’t forget those buffs, easy protein shakes for them.

4. Standard SPC 4QC 4 Quarts Pressure Cooker

For Saturday dinner or Sunday lunches with your family or friends, this pressure cooker won’t pressure you while cooking for love ones. Composed with a material of strong and heavy-gauge aluminum, this pressure cooker is ideal for tenderizing meat and cooks quicker than normal pots. Make awesome meals and surprise your guests.

5. IKEA Fortrolig Food Container set of 3 Clear Glass

ikea food container

Waiting for IKEA to open their first store here in the Philippines? No need to wait! We got you covered with one of IKEA’s products that will give you a nice and classy touch to your kitchen. This set of containers are oven-safe glass and can be used as a serving dish. It will also make it easy for you to find what you are looking for with its transparent jar. What’s great is that even if you are on the road, these containers have an aroma-tight seal and is also leak-proof which prevents spills.

6. IKEA Bevara Sealing Clip Set of 30bevara sealing clip

We got more IKEA products for you! Do you know what to do to seal your unfinished bag of chips? It comes in different sizes for different packaging sizes. What’s great about it, is that these sealers can clip thick packs too. No more double tying or sealing.

7. Asahi WM-032 Bread Toaster and Pie/Hotdog/Waffle Makerwaffle maker bread toaster asahi

For quick meals and snacks, your kitchen needs a product that will give you that quick fix. Asahi’s product has non-stick coated plates and a cooler toucher than others’ shell covering. It only weighs 1kg which is lightweight, easy to move around and also, easy to use.

8. IKEA Variera Pot Lid Organizerikea pot lit organizer

This is perfect to have your pot lids organized in your kitchen. It’s a multi-function rack and can adjust its length based on your storage needs.

9. IKEA Fintorp Dish Drainerdish drainer kitchen product

A perfect and convenient dish drainer for small kitchen spaces. It includes a removable tray underneath that collects water from the drainer which makes it easier for you to avoid spilling in your kitchen.

10. Kyowa Induction Stovekyowa induction cooker

Induction stoves are currently on the rise as it has been called to be one of the most efficient and easy ways when cooking. Perfect for small hour spaces, with this induction cooker, you can create a lot of dishes since it has options if you are ideally going to steam, boil, warm, deep fry or even barbecue your meal. It has an adjustable power level and you can pre-set the heating function as well.

11. 2 in 1 Clever Cutter Knife with Cutting Board Scissors Food Slicers

As what it names says, the Clever Cutter can quickly chop your favorite food in seconds. Slicing is up to 10x faster because of its super sharp stainless blade. Despite of its sharp blade, it is safe to use and would not mess up your kitchen compared to other kitchen cutters.

12. IKEA Finfordela Bendable Chopping Boardbendable cutting board ikea

If you prefer having to chop your fruits, vegetables and meat flat on your counter, this is the chopping board for you. It is bendable which makes it easy for you to cleanup. It also has ready holes for easy hanging and is also stain and cut proof surface.


We have made online shopping for kitchen products easier for you. You can browse more of our kitchen products here on our website or send us a message if you are interested to know more about a product and we will be glad to answer you.


Written by Tricia Besana