Geometric Cabinet (A015)


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A wooden cabinet with 6 drawers and a presentation tray. Each drawer and the tray contain 6 wooden divisions. In most of the divisions, there is a wooden inset with a knob to lift it out. The inset and the bottom of the drawer are painted the same color blue. The square frames of the insets are a contrasting wood color and are removable. In the presentation tray as, in some drawers where there are not 6 insets, the remaining square divisions are whole.

Presentation Tray
Contains the basic geometric figures (circle, square, and triangle). The circle is the calculator of angles. The square is the measurer of areas. The triangle is the constructor of the other figures.

Drawer 1
Contains 6 circles increasing in diameter from 5cm to 10cm.

Drawer 2
Contains 1 square and 5 rectangles, the bases vary from 10cm to 5cm, while the height remains the same.

Drawer 3
Contains 6 triangles: equilateral, acute-angled isosceles, right-angled isosceles, obtuse-angled isosceles, right-angled scalene, obtuse-angled scalene.

Drawer 4
Contains 6 regular polygons: pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon.

Drawer 5
Contains 4 quadrilaterals: rhombus, parallelogram, right-angled trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, and 1 triangle – acute-angled scalene.

Drawer 6
Contains curved figures: curvilinear triangle, ellipse, oval, and quatrefoil.

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