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Spoiler Alert: Justice League Is Coming, And They Got Superman

Have you held on to your seats when the Justice League teaser has arrived? Because we were caught off guard, and we almost fell off our chairs. After years of looking forward to Justice League, from just watching the own lives of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all over again, and we have kept up with Batman VS Superman just to see the three of them toss around some bad guys; FINALLY, we get to have a look on some of our favorites, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. We know who is missing, Superman.


And here’s what we know about Superman’s presence on the upcoming Justice League movie….nothing.

Sorry not sorry but we don’t allow spoilers here, and we just don’t know if Superman will ever come back, and it’s all just Clark Kent that will be shown. Clark, was having doubts of being part of the Justice league, but Lois Lane was trying to tell him that this (DC) world needs him, a lot. And according to DC, Wonder Woman and Batman, were still pondering if they could trust their new recruits.  Oops! Now that’s a spoiler.

We are so sorry about the spoiler, but here’s what we have for you, why don’t we go on a virtual shopping spree? Shall we? Hold on to your seats, because like the Justice League trailer, you’ll be amazed.


DC Universe Key Chains

Guard your keys with these Super hero keychains. Disclaimer: we couldn’t assure you that you won’t forget your keys again, but on the bright side, someone will be looking out for them, when you lost it.

DC Universe Caps

Nowadays, superheroes were trying too hard to hide their true self. And because you are a super hero (by heart), you’ll need a cap, or two, to cover up your real identity.

DC Universe Fidget Spinner

A hero like you, thinks about the super plans for your next mission, all the time. That is why you’ll need a fidget spinner to calm you down.

These are just a teaser of the DC Universe items we have in store for you. We have jackets, caps, wallets, fidget spinners, metal tin signs and more! Shop now by clicking the links below… we know you are a fanatic!