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Sugar & Lime: Women’s Trendy Fashion Picks at Your Fingertips

Get ready, ladies! There’s a new player in the fashion scene and it’s said to bring a whole lotta zest in its offerings.

We, at the Below SRP family, are happy to announce our latest brand, Sugar & Lime. As with our quirky and novelty pieces, the Sugar & Lime brand is bringing one-of-a-kind trendy fashion items at prices that will never break the bank.

Fashion quickly evolves. What’s trendy now can be considered vintage tomorrow. As a woman, how can we ever keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends? With Sugar & Lime, women will not have to search high and low for the trendiest fashionable finds. We bring what’s trendy to you – right at your fingertips. You will always be on point when it comes to the fashion scene.


Here’s a sneak peak of what’s on trend right now:

Peek-a-boo Shoulder Tops

Giving anyone the cold shoulder has never been so popular and our peek-a-boo tops has got you covered.


Flutter Sleeves

Feeling self-conscious about your not-so-toned arms? Flutter sleeved tops are your arms’ new best friend! They don’t call these tops flattering flutter for nothing.



These one-piece shirt-shorts combo in the fabric of a dress is making waves in the fashion scene. It’s comfy, flattering, and never restricts movement. It’s the perfect fashionable everyday wear!


We also have casual dresses and bottoms. To complete your ensemble, tote bags in different shades are also available.

What are you waiting for? Shop now! And as fashion quickly changes like the wind’s direction, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to be updated on what’s hot and what’s not. There you will find the newest and most popular fashionable finds available.

With Sugar & Lime clothes, we make it our business to make you look good and feel good. Happy online shopping, ladies!