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7 Ways to Spend Less While Travelling

travel plan

All year round, people are travelling, looking for places to explore, build memories or just chill. Some of us are probably visiting our beautiful local provinces and others might go outside the country. Whether it’s a local trip or an international one, we got you covered with some tips that could help you spend less while traveling.


1. Promo Flights

cheap flights

There are a lot of airlines that offers cheap airfare throughout the year. You must be on the lookout because it’s a hot buy to many. Be updated with their posts on social media where they would usually post their airfare promos. Have you and your travel buddies’ details ready, to make your booking faster.


2. Cheap Alternative Rides

city map

There are different alternative rides that you can choose. Knowing your ride options in the place you are going can help you save a lot. Commuting is not a bad option but rather take it as an opportunity to be adventurous. If the number of stops or how long you’ll need to walk doesn’t bother you, you can try it out. Traveling is an adventure.


3. Pack Your Own Food

meal prep

Eating out in restaurants tend to get expensive nowadays so the only solution to that is to pack up your meals and drinks and you’re ready to go!

You can also make a meal prep where you prepare your food in advance for the entire week. It saves you not just money but even your time. Don’t forget your water! It is recommended to bring two liters of water to avoid dehydration. Check out our food containers that could be perfect for your meal prep needs!


4. Stay at Budget Hotels

budget hotel

If you’re on a budget or you want to lessen your traveling cost, staying at a budget hotel is a good idea. As long as you have a place to stay and sleep in, it is perfectly fine. Search for budget hotels that have good reviews. It doesn’t mean that they are budget hotels they are not good to stay in. You just have to look for the good ones.

Airbnb is another option you can look at. You can even ask for discounts with your host at the place where you stay. They are usually cheaper than hotels and some of Airbnb’s has a laundry area, Wi-Fi, recreation areas, and even a kitchen where you can cook while you’re travelling. Missing out some electronic accessories for your trip? Click here to know for some good finds!


5. Find Free Activities

art museum

Skip the pricey tours, enjoy the freedom of going anywhere you want. What’s best is that you are discovering it on your own. There are a lot of activities that are free to do or tourist spots to go to. You can search online for recommended places and activities that you can try.

You can also check online for deals and promos that could help you looking for discounted activities. Talk to the locals and make friends with them, they usually know the whereabouts of the free and cheap ones! Still missing something in your checklist? Check out some travel accessories that you might need while you’re on the go!


6. Be Smart When Shopping


Plan what you need to buy. Create a list of people or items that you need to buy. By doing this, you are able to give your self a limit when to stop. Set a budget. Knowing your budget gives you a direction which one you can afford to buy and not.

Shop with a purpose. Avoid shopping for items you won’t need as time goes by. If you ever plan on shopping, shop local and not at the malls or department stores, some are cheaper and would really give you something to keep.


7. Plan Ahead of Time

travel plan

Planning gives you an idea on the cost of everything you will be spending on. It gives you time to look for cheaper flights, areas to go to and hotels to stay. It can also help you determine your budget and have everything fixed before you travel.


Travelling is all about the experiences and the memories you are making. Start planning for your trip now. Check our store for things that you can bring in your travel to make it better. Happy Travelling!!


Do you have more ideas or tips? Share it with us and we’ll share it to others!